How Can I Benefit?

The COS Managed Print Solutions program delivers many benefits throughout your organization.

The CEO Will Be Happy
✔ A strategy will be implemented that cuts costs, boosts productivity, and creates efficiencies.

The CFO Will Be Happy
✔ Current printer assets can be maintained without adding unnecessary capital expenses, reducing the IT infrastructure budget.
✔ Printing costs are accurately measured and allocated.
✔ Printing assets are fully inventoried and managed.
✔ Multiple vendors for printer supplies, service and hardware can be consolidated into one vendor, eliminating redundant costs.

The IT Manager Will Be Happy
✔ All printing devices will be identified in minutes.
✔ Maintenance and supply issues will be identified and resolved proactively.
✔ Printer-related questions can be resolved through the COS Managed Print Solutions help desk, reducing internal help-desk calls.
✔ Printer fleet management headaches will disappear, allowing the IT department to focus on core business initiatives.

The Purchasing Manager Will Be Happy
✔ Hardware usage can be quickly assessed.
✔ Future hardware purchases can be based on actual usage trends and needs.

The End-User Group Will Be Happy
✔ Automatic shipment of supplies ensures printers always have toner.
✔ Proactive service response reduces downtime and aggravation.

To learn more about how you could benefit from COS Managed Print Solutions program, contact us today and request a free assessment of your print environment.
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