Are you curious about how much you are spending on office printing?
Take advantage of our no-obligation print assessment.

It's Easy

We know you are busy. That’s why we have streamlined our assessment process to deliver valuable information with only a small investment of time on your part. We do the work.

  1. We install the Data Collection Service software
  2. We monitor print usage over 30 to 60 days
  3. We assess your current expenses and user needs
  4. We present a report showing your current print environment and recommendations for improvement

If we find areas for improvement, we will prepare a potential implementation plan. If there are not significant optimization opportunities, you will leave with a good idea of what printers you have and how much they are costing you.

During the 30-60 day assessment period you will learn

✔ Where all your devices are
✔ How many devices are currently in use
✔ Are devices networked or non networked
✔ The complete history of every device
✔ The current state of each device
✔ The utilization rate of each device
✔ The print coverage average of each device
✔ About current service issues - what's wrong now
✔ About pending service issues - what needs to be done
✔ How to proactively manage service issues
✔ When a printer needs toner before it is out
✔ How to monitor each device's performance 24/7
✔ Where color vs. black/white copies are being printed
✔ How to right-size your printer fleet
✔ How to reconfigure your printer fleet
✔ To identify low-hanging cost saving opportunities
✔ How to take control of your print cost
✔ How to use this information to better manage your printers over time
✔ How to make smarter equipment purchases in the future

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